Health and Safety



Get Home Safe!!

At M. Large we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we make safety a priority from all levels of the business. If we can’t do it safely we don’t do it all.

During the past few years we have all heard about the rise in farming and forestry related accidents which is why M. Large place great importance on health and safety. We adhere to all guidelines issued by the health & safety executive and have a proven track record of offering good quality equipment that meets all current health & safety legislation. We are one of the few suppliers in our industry to have accredited quality and health and safety management systems. We are accredited to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards which are externally audited.  All machines supplied by M. Large are fully CE compliant.

Our activities are planned to the highest standards to ensure the health and safety of our workers including our suppliers, the general public and the end user of our products and services. We invest in employees by providing appropriate training so that they can undertake their activities safe and competently. We keep employees on their toes by unplanned inspections and walking through the workplace to ensure that all employees are following proper safety techniques and wearing any protective gear necessary to accomplish their job safely. By hosting regular safety meetings, toolbox talks and constant communication with our staff we aim to continue with our ‘Get Home Safe Initiative’.

In addition we undertake Health Surveillance on all of our employees which covers health topics such as stress and fatigue and encourage them to seek help and advice on issues that may effect on workplace safety and their health which may impact on their personal lives. We offer rewards and incentives to help encourage employees to continue daily safety efforts.

Our resident Health and Safety Manager controls the internal Management Systems and undertakes internal audits and inspections which identifies areas for strength or room for improvement within all aspects of our business operations. This assures our customers that we deliver all of our services to the highest of standards.

M Large keep updated with Health & Safety legislation by correspondence from our Health and Safety Manager and by subscribing to various mailing lists, websites, forums and news-releases from Invest Northern Ireland, Investors In People, HMS Online amongst others.


M. Large Tree Services Ltd is committed to minimising the impact its activities have on both the local and global environment, by taking all possible steps to prevent pollution, to avoid damage to habitats, and to reduce its carbon footprint.

M. Large Tree Services Ltd and its workforce are committed to meet or exceed all relevant legal requirements, Environmental Legislation Standards, and Codes of Practice. We take all steps to minimize risk to employees, customers, the public, and also to wildlife. We continually re-assess our Environmental Policy to respond to and incorporate new ideas.

We aim to minimise energy wastage, and reduce our carbon footprint, by using the most efficient routes for travel, and the most appropriate vehicles for each job.

Vehicles and machinery are not left with the engines idling when not in use.  We correspond via e-mail where possible, and are working towards a paper-free office.