Simply Pushing Forward

For some time now M.Large have been at the forefront of both promoting and developing the very best in forestry machinery from some of the best (if not the most well known) names in the business.

One such is the mighty Palms and their forwarding trailers and cranes.

Make no mistake, these machines mean business and are easily one of the best value trailer and crane combinations available on the market.

One innovative development is the unique drive power capability on some of the more sophisticated models to add extra grunt and grip.

Palms have developed a simple but highly effective additional drive system to power the wheels of forwarding trailers using a unique tyre pattern with additional drive grooves.

When the trailer is in motion and the assisted drive is enabled, the hyraulic drive unit engages with the wheel pattern to create on demand 4WD.

This keeps the costs significantly lower than other options where the wheels are permanently powered.

The Palms assisted drive delivers power only when and where it’s needed, simple, tough and effective.

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BY mlarge | PUBLISHED April 30, 2013 LEARN MORE