Pilkemaster Smart 1

The PilkeMaster Smart 1 firewood processing unit is a unique tractor front loader,
telescopic handler or excavator mounted attachment, picking up, measuring, cutting and
splitting logs up to 190mm in diameter straight from the wood pile. Capable of processing
the split logs directly into a trailer or bulk bags etc. with no extra modification needed other
than hydraulic flow and return which most loaders have fitted as standard. This makes for a
safe, quick and labour saving firewood processor.

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Weight; 350Kg Length: 1945mm Width: 620mm Height: 1540mm Log length: 250mm - 410mm Width of log - maximum: 190mm Cutting and splitting speed maximum Hydraulic splitting power: Max. 13ton Recommended hydraulic output: n. 40 l/min Hydraulic pressure: 180-250 bar

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