Fuelwood Kindlet Kindling Machine

Fuelwood Kindlet Kindling Machine

The KINDLET converts timber off-cuts and round logs into kindling.

It operates fully automatically from a simple electrical supply. The operator only needs to feed the machine with timber to the required specification and bag-off the kindling produced at the output chute. The speed of the machine is fixed.

A full Operating Manual is provided with each machine with tips on how to get the best out of it.
The machine is fully guarded to ensure operator safety and yet the operation of the machine can be clearly observed and monitored.

The KINDLET is powered from standard 240 volt single phase electrical supply rated to 16 amp. Also 415V 3 phase and Tractor hydraulic and Tractor PTO c/w 12V DC supply.

A built in hydraulic power pack converts the electrical power to the hydraulic pressure and flow required to drive the machine.

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Fuelwood Kindlet Kindling Machine
Length (Bare machine) 2000 mm (79”)
Length(+Output chute) 3000 mm (118”)
Width 1100 mm (43.5”)
Height 1250 mm (49.0”)
Weight 365 Kg (805 lbs)
Power options 240v 1 Phase 2.2 kW 16 amp
Power options 415v 3 Phase 3.0 kW 16 amp
Power options Tractor PTO drive - min 10hp and 12 VDC supply
Tractor Hydraulic - Min Flow 15 lpm 180bar and 12 VDC supply
Timber InputOff-cuts
SquareAny up to 200 mm (8”)
Round logs up to 200 mm (8”)
Length 140 mm to 165 mm (5.5” to 6.5”)

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