Hakki Pilke Log Cleaning Drum

Hakki Pilke Log Cleaning Drum

Cleaning the firewood speeds up the drying process and ensures consistent quality. The out-feed conveyor moves the firewood to the rotating drum of the Cleaner which separates debris and moves it to the desired location with guide plates. From the Cleaner, the firewood can be conveyed into sacks, for example, using the guide plate (standard equipment).

The laterally swivelling out-feed conveyor (3 m), which is available as an accessory, can be used to convey the firewood onto a trolley, for example. The Hakki Pilke Cleaner is available with an electric or hydraulic drive. Thanks to its adjustable height, the Cleaner can be connected to almost all firewood processor models.

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Hakki Pilke Log Cleaning Drum Width 2.870 m Depth 1.190 m Height, adjustable max 2.870m Weight 500 kg

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