Nokka 106HD ATV Forestry Trailer

Nokka 106HD ATV Forestry Trailer

  • Hydraulically controlled longitudinal frame extension, adjustable to fit the length of wood being loaded

  • Self-contained hydraulic aggregate (motor, container, pump)

  • Hydraulic four-wheel drive, also powering conveyor rollers that add to pulling capacity

  • Quick coupling and uncoupling for ATV tow bars

  • Flange mounted loader

  • Hydraulic telescopic support legs

  • Unlimited grapple rotator

  • Hydraulic boom extension in loader

  • Wide angle joint in loader

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Nokka 106HD ATV Forestry Trailer


Weight without loader kg345
Load capacity:
speed 0-20 km/h (kg) 1000
Load Capacity:
speed 20-60 km/h (kg) 290
Total weight kg 1630
Width cm approx 130
Length cm 285-430
Height with loader cm 185 cm
Length of load space cm 187+100
Loading area m 65
Track width cm 104
Ground clearance cm 33
Motor hp 5.4
Pump output l/min 9
max. working pressure bar 182
Hydraulic oil tank l 9.3
Tyres 22*11.00-8
Gravel bucket volume 100 litres Option
Radio controlled hydraulic winch - 5mm / 25 mOption
Winch pulling capacity approx 500 kg
Tipping body (on top of the basic frame) Option
Energy grapple 105E - weight 52 kg Option
Max log diameter of grapple 12 cm
Honda engine (as an alternative to the standard engine)Option

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Maker Nokka
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