Akvaterm AKVAir 750 solar Accumulator Tank

Akvaterm AKVAir 750 solar Accumulator Tank

The AKVA SOLAR Accumulator Tanks gives you the most out of solar energy whenever the sun is shining. All models are built so that you can utilize high grade energy from other heating sources to the top of the supply, as the solar energy will be provided to the lower part for preheat. The lower preheat area will improve the solar gain also when the input is at lower temperatures. You can get high proportions of the heat provided even during the coldest season. Get solar energy to the lower part of the accumulator on any bright sunny day – even during winter time. When the solar gain is at the highest, the 100 mm seamless polyurethane low heat loss insulation ensures the solar energy you have gained can be utilized during a long period.

Akvaterm’s AKVA SOLAR model range enable the use of any heating along with solar energy:

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Akvaterm AKVAir 750 solar Accumulator Tank

Capacity 300 - 5000 litres

Technical Specifications:

Diameter (mm) 950
Height (mm) 2050
Resistors 2

Additional Information

Maker Akvaterm
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