Join MLarge for a beer at Stradbally Irish Forestry Show 2013

***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show ***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show
We would like to invite all our customers, contacts and suppliers visiting the Irish Forestry Show in Strabally Estate, Ireland  to join the M.Large team at Woodland Area C for a cold beer.

We thought it the perfect way to get to know the faces behind the phone calls and get talking about machines with like minded friends.

All we ask is that anyone wanting in on the “round” sends an email with the subject.

“Make mine a Large one!”

Just so we know how many are interested and to make sure we have enough to keep you all refreshed at the show next weekend.

So remember it’s Woodland area C, on the demo route. See the site map below.

Site Map for 2013 Irish Forestry Woodland & Bio Energy Show

See official flyer and site map here.


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