Featured: Farmi Forest JL50 Skidding Winch

The unsung heroes of the forester’s armoury, skidding winches are work hungry machines that will make light work of skidding heavy timbers from forestry sites for processing.

The Farmi Forest JL50 is a classic example. With PTO drive and 5 tonne pulling power to the choker chains and 80m of cable the JL50 winch will get your raw timber supplies out and onto your processor in an efficient no fuss manner.

Some of the keypoints of the Farmi JL50:

  • 5 tonne pulling weight
  • 80m high tensile cable
  • With 50¬†kN line pull for tractors from 50 HP
  • Automatic overrun brake ‚Äì easy cable handling
  • Good spooling -long distance from upper pulley to drum
  • Wide, robust and well shaped butt plate
  • Electrohydraulic/remote control available as retrofit
  • Lower pulley as standard

Watch a video of Farmi 501 (JL50 predecessor) at work below.

For more details of the JL50 and current offers available on all Farmi winches call M.Large on +442890342838 or email your enquiry to sales@mlarge.com.

BY mlarge | PUBLISHED May 23, 2013 LEARN MORE