Featured: Atmos Wood Gasification Boilers

Traditional oil heating is fast becoming unaffordable for many households.According to Boilerjuice the average price has risen by nearly 15p a litre since 2010. This coupled with the exhaustible nature of fossil fuels means it’s time for a rethink.


Once thought of as the stuff of cosy nights in, wood burning is now a seriously efficient and highly productive heating source.

Thanks to evolving technology and designs around the 4 stages of gasification (complicated stuff!!!) wood boilers are convenient, clean and very HOT right now. You just fill the heat store, then let the boiler do the work, connected to an Akvaterm Accumulator heat store, you’ll have all the hot water you’ll ever need with one fill of logs a day and a clean out once a week.

Then dispose of the fine ash, or use in the garden in the compost heap or to repel garden pests…sustainable living is within easy reach.




Advantages of  Atmos wood gasification boilers:

  • Ideal to burn large pieces of wood from a fuel store or firewood supplier
  • Wood combustion gases are forced to secondary chamber and then burn at a massive 2000 degrees
  • Primary and secondary air is also preheated.
  • The ventilator automatically switches off when the fuel burns out.
  • Easy servicing and cleaning¬† – Gasification process burns to leave minimal ash or by products.
  • Large space for ash (when burning wood you have to clean it once per week)
  • Boiler without tube plate ‚Äì easier cleaning
  • Small size and low weight
  • Various size options to suit domestic, industrial and community schemes.
  • Atmos wood gasification boilers are a High quality solid fuel boiler from a reputable manufacturer.

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