New Product: LMS Design 3-point linkage timber grapple

LMS Design have developed a 3 point linkage based Timber Grapple system for mounting direct to the rear of most commercial tractors. Ideal for moving light to medium gauge timber up to a tonne without the need for manual intervention. The grapple system is normally reserved for larger costly crane, excavator and teleporter machinery and as such the ability to mount to more flexible tractor units will be of great interest to agricultural and forestry workers alike.

The hugley useful combo consists of:

  • 3 point linkage frame
  • Baltrotor rotator
  • Palms timber grapple (choice of 0.17 or 0.21)

Contact sales@mlarge.com or call +2890342838 for further details and pricing.

All individual parts can be sold separately. Call us to discuss your requirements.

BY mlarge | PUBLISHED February 21, 2013 LEARN MORE